Welcome to Miss MacIntyre's 6th Grade Language Arts class. This is an exciting year for all of us at School 4! I look forward to working with everyone. As the year unfolds we will continue to work on best reading practices and strive to be lifelong learners. We will be working very closely throughout the school year so if any questions arise please do not hesitate to contact me via email. 
As you are aware, we are educating your child from a distance. Although this is new for everyone and may be challenging at times, we will get through this together. A few things I would like to remind you of are:
    • Check your child's Google Classroom
    • Monitor their work and make sure they are following their schedule
    • Encourage your child to take a break from their work when they need it.
    • Collect your child's laptop at night
    • Stay in touch! Email me if you have any questions
Thank you! Stay safe and healthy!
ATTENTION PARENTS: It is so very important that you are checking your email for important information throughout the school year. This is how we will communicate throughout the school year. If you have not gotten any emails this year, please email me heather.macintyre@bellevilleschools.org.


Back to School Night

Please make sure you check your email and texts for updates regarding Back to School Night this Wednesday. 
Thank you!

Congrats to the 6th Grade Graduates from School 4! This was not how we wanted to end the school year but we wish you the best of luck in BMS!
Summer reading is the best kind of reading! I hope everyone is finishing up their books and hours on iXL! I look forward to seeing everyone in September. 
Great job performing at the tree lighting tonight fifth grade! You rocked it out for everyone in attendance! 🎄☃️🎼 
A special thank you to the Montclair State basketball players who came to talk to us today. We learned about the importance of working hard in school and following our dreams!  🏀🙌🏽
5th grade is Falling Back to our Roots! Learning root words can be fun! 🌳🌲 Search for more at home add them to our trees!
Such a special moment for an amazing teacher! Your years of hard work, dedication and infectious laughs will not be forgotten. We 💜 Ms. Volpe! Enjoy retirement 🎉

Back to School Night!

Don't forget tonight is Back to School Night! It begins at 6:00pm. I can't wait to meet everyone!