Welcome to FIRST GRADE
2019-202 **note new time changes**
School starts at 8:35am
Rise and Shine 8:35 am to 9:05 am
Lunchtime is 11:51 am to 12:35 pm 
Dismissal is 3:15 pm normally students are dismissed in the playground. Each student is given a dismissal stick that is handed to me once the parent/guardian has been witnessed. Students will NOT be dismissed if the contact is on the signed permission form. This is for your child's safety. Thank you in advance for your patience and consideration.
Please be aware certain students have peanut and egg allergies in this class. Please be mindful when bringing in any treats that could be extremely harmful to their health. 

Please feel free to email me at michael.dias@bellevilleschools.org  or call the office for an appointment!


Mr. Dias


Monday March 23rd

Good morning class!
I truly hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with their families. Hopefully, you have tried IXL. Below are some worksheets you can do. 

1st Grade Packet

If you don't have a printer at home no worries... answer the questions orally or write down your answers. From what I am aware of no remote work is to be graded. So just do your best.

Tuesday March 24

Good morning class! I miss everyone. Send me an email, let me know how you are doing! It would be nice to hear from you.
Mr. Dias and Bowie


I hope everyone is well and continuing to practice reading. 
Here are some great math apps:
Bugs and Numbers
Here are some Science:
Animals HD
Move the Turtle
Body Organs 4 Kids
 Any questions please email me at michael.dias@bellevilleschools.org


I truly hope everyone is well!!
Let's practice some sight words today.
Attached is a sight word...many are very easy to practice.
Say the word aloud 3 times.
Try spelling it in the air with your finger.
If you want a real challenge try writing a sentence with some of the sight words.


Dear parents, 
Below s a great website that our district uses: IXL. If your child has an older sibling in the district, I am sure you are already aware of it. If you email me I can send you your child's username and password and they can practice on the site.


Here is a link to free resources parents can use for their children. There are so many companies allowing for free worksheets, games and other learning tools. Before signing on make sure you are not required to pay a membership. Some companies are giving freebies only for the month. Many sites will include first-grade material. 


Hello everyone!
Just a reminder school as of now will be closed until March 30th. 
Please continue to do all work that was handed out. Any questions please feel free to contact me at michael.dias@bellevilleschools.org
We will all try our best to communicate any important news.
Below is the link for the resources for e-learning, however for kindergarten and first grade it was necessary to distribute hard copies to the students because the district felt it a better option for the young ones to navigate. Google Classroom can be tricky and it would most likely have been a problem for our younger learners. 
Please stay safe and follow procedures that our school, town and government officials have recommended.
Mr. Dias