Welcome to the Resource Center- Grades K-2

As a Special Education Resource Teacher, I provide intervention and in class support to students who qualify for Special Education to boost their reading skills and math skills. I look forward to working with teachers, students, and parents to make this year a success.
Reading is an essential skill we all need for a variety of purposes. This year, I plan to utilize the VAKT method (multisensory) materials to help the primary students read and remember information. My hope is to improve my students' reading skills so they can become more successful independent readers.
Working with the little ones (grades K-1) allows me to introduce a variety of multi-sensory techniques. Students enjoy using many hands-on materials to help them blend words and take words apart. My goal is for these youngsters to gain the beginning reading skills to become prepared for the higher grades. I
provided a list of books and websites that children in grades 1-5 might enjoy to carry on literacy at home. Also, there are some apps that are great on the ipad for students in grade 1-3. These include: Big Cat Interactive Books by C.Collins, Hungry Monster (Phonics), Jungle Phonics, and Sentences. Check them out and enjoy!!!!!!
Math support is done entirely in class. I will be working close with the 1st and Kindergarten teachers to determine the proper materials, work load, and modifications necessary to optimize the learning potential of these students.