Belleville School #4

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Hey Everyone!!!
I have KinderGym, Cheerleading Clinic, Baseball, and Softball sign up sheets on the stage in the Gym. The programs are run through the Belleville Recreation Department. The sign up sheets should be filled out and returned to the Rec House at 407 Joralemon Street. I look forward to seeing all your children participating!!! 
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. C

I've been asked by a lot of people. Here are the days each class has Gym: for 2016-17:

Corino- Monday and Thursday

Pollio- Tuesday and Friday

Chapman- Tuesday and Wednesday

Metz- Tuesday and Friday

Reis- Monday and Wednesday

Auriemma- Tuesday and Friday

Hollywood- Monday and Wednesday

Dipopolo- Monday and Wednesday

Palmerezzi- Tuesday and Friday
Binde: Monday and Wednesday

Volpe- Tuesday and Thursday

Marelli- Monday and Thursday

MacIntyre- Monday and Thursday

Witel- Monday and Thursday

Nacht- Monday and Wednesday

Woolis- Monday and Wednesday