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School No. 4 Main Office

Please call the office 973-450-3500 X 3402 when your child is absent. If I am on the phone you will get my voicemail. Please leave a message that includes your child's name, the teacher's name and if you would like to pick up homework for that day. Homework may be picked up after 2:00pm.

Please make sure you check your child's backpack for any flyers/calendars etc.
Also if you need to pick up your child early for a Dr. appt please send in a note. Please try to schedule Dr. appointments after school or on a Saturday so that your child does not miss instructional time.
If your child forgets his/her lunch one will be provided and a note will be sent home for payment.
If you need to send in money for lunch , HSA activities, class trips, etc. please send it in an envelope with your the student's name and the teacher's name.
Please make note that school begins at 8:35 and ends at 3:15. Please adhere to those times. There is supervision at 8:15 but not before that time.
Please notify the office  of any changes in your address or telephone numbers in the event we need to reach you regarding your child.
If you make an appointment with your child's teacher please adhere to the time of the appointment as they sometimes make other appointments after your time. If you come late they will not be able to see you.