Belleville School #4

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Computer Club

Computer Club 

 Heather MacIntyre, Advisor

The Computer Club at School Number Four is both a learning experience and a fun-filled experience. Students in the club will expand their knowledge of certain Microsoft applications, develop research skills, publish classroom writing, create digital stories, as well as many other fantastic activities. While completing media-based projects, students will be engaged in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Implementing these 21st Century skills at an early age will prepare them for the world of new technologies.

This Year's Goals
After Meeting for the first time this year, we discussed what we would like our goals to be. We brainstormed various topics and created a list of what we will be working on.
  • Updating and Uploading photos to School 4's website
  • Creating a Google Site for PARCC practice
  • Slide Show for Graduation
  • Various Microsoft Programs
  • Computer Shortcuts
  • Creating Games
  • Yearbook
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