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Pre-k Cubs



March 16-30

Good afternoon parents,
By now most of you have received a message from the district regarding the next two weeks of school. I sent home several items and will explain them shortly.
Daily schedule
The integrated preschool program focuses on developing students with mild to moderate delays. The instructional methods target functional and cognitive as well as social development by targeting activities of daily living, executive development and pre-academic development (when appropriate). The traditional PKI classroom in Belleville models the Creative Curriculum Schedule with modifications as it pertains to academic instruction.
The schedule:
Arrival, Breakfast, Morning message, small group instruction, center exploration, gross motor activity, guided reading, lunch, nap, snack, afternoon message, center exploration, dismissal.
Morning Message comprises of the calendar, weather, attendance, gross motor movement, book reading:
The application for the weather and days of the week can be found on
I sent home a book in the packet( this book is yours to keep) The story should be read on the first day by talking about the pictures (picture read) the second day reading the words and discussing the pictures and events in the story. A book should be read to your child each day, with a new story introduced every 2-3 days to develop familiarity with the events in the story.
In March, we were focusing on fine motor development, sorting, patterns, and writing.
The bag of cheerios in the zip-lock is not for consumption, but rather to practice sorting, and counting up to 20. Those that know how to count should be challenged to associate numerals with quantities. Ask the child to give you five cheerios, etc. Use the pipe cleaners to develop fine motor skills by encouraging the youth to use the thumb and index finger to slide the cheerio onto the pipe cleaner.
The bubble wrap and zip-lock are for fine motor development also: Using the verbal prompts “Pinch and Pull” have your child seal and reopen the zip-lock bag, in addition to using his/her thumb and index to pinch the bubbles on the sheet.
The student should also be encouraged to write each day. Those who know how to write his/her name should be encouraged to. Others should trace dotted lines that form the name.
The students do have workbooks but I kept them in the classroom if you which to encourage your child to work on dittos during the break I would recommend purchasing a pre-k workbook from Barnes and Noble (they are around 3.99 per subject). There are many developmental programs on,, and ABC mouse(which has waved its fee during the break).
We have also been practicing cutting straight lines by using the verbal prompt( Open, Close!) to encourage the child to open and close on a sheet of paper.
If you have any questions about activities or schedules, do not hesitate to ask.