Belleville School #4

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Mrs. Ignozza ~ Resource Room



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We are jumping right into reading and writing in the Resource Room. As we use our Wonders reading books the students are learning how to use vocabulary correctly, cite evidence in passages to answer detailed questions, and read with better fluency. We are utilizing the Wonder Works books so that my students can learn on their level and gain confidence while doing it!!

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  Continue to read each night and try to find ways to react to your reading. Tell someone about what you read, draw a picture of your favorite part, or write an alternate ending! Have fun with your reading!


     Other Important Dates to Remember:                                             
  • Schools closed November 7th - Election Day                                       
  • Schools closed November 9th-10th - Teachers' Convention
  • Single session November 22nd
  • Schools closed November 23rd-24th Happy Thanksgiving!
Coming up:
  • January 22nd - 25th: Single Session days for Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • January 26 - Single Session/Teacher PD